Ауди Центр Петроградский

The group of companies «Saturn» – is the largest operator on the construction market of the Russian Federation, inclusive 15 branches, located in large regional centers of Russia. The main company profile – is wholesale and retail trade of building and finishing materials. Over 20 years of successful work the company has become a leader in its segment.  At the moment, company supplies 20 000 items of construction and finishing materials to the building projects throughout the country. Also, a network of wholesale and retail hypermarkets is developing actively, who clients are professional builders and private buyers.


Passage is an old shopping center in the heart of Petersburg - this is undoubtedly one of the visiting cards of St. Petersburg.
Today the Passage is the best shops of perfumery and jewelry, souvenirs and gifts, clothes and leather goods, unusual pieces of art made of glass, felt and silk. It's a great pleasure just to go to the store, soak up an amazing atmosphere, take a cup of hot coffee and sit on a bench on the first floor, looking on unusually beautifully designed showcases.
Since December 1, 2016 in Passage are Christmas shopping fairs are held. In the program of fairs are held various drawings, quizzes, children's master classes, gifts, music and much more.


Chain of perfumery and cosmetics stores «L’etoile» has strong leadership position in the Russian market: about 850 stores in more than 210 cities in Russia. All stores offer a wide range of products: more than 10 000 names of perfumes and cosmetic products and over 150 brands: Chanel, Christian Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Kenzo, Estee Lauder, Clarins and etc. As the chain number one in Russia company «L’etoile» provides for customers new collections of cosmetics and perfumery from world’s largest manufactures the launch of which occurs simultaneously all over the world. Clients meet professional advisors, who are regularly trained on internal and international trainings conducted by manufacturers of luxury perfumes and cosmetics.

Roskosh zolota

«Roskosh zolota» - a trade network that is developing steadily in the segment of the jewelry industry. The shops of the chain are distinguished by an extensive assortment, a pleasant interior of commercial halls in the Art Nouveau style and a favorable location. In the trading halls there is a wide range of jewelry from gold and silver: from classic models to original sets with precious, semiprecious stones and gems. On separate showcases there are design products: souvenirs, table silver and even icons, inlaid with stones.

Mania Grandiosa
Mania Grandiosa

«Mania Grandiosa» more than 10 years has a leader position in fashion retail market in St. Petersburg. It is one of the most famous retail chain of St. Petersburg, which offer for exacting clients exclusive line of shoes and accessories collections. Such as Casadei, Santoni, Sergio Rossi, Stuart Weitzman, Versace, Coccinelli, Dirk Bekkembergs, Joshua Sanders, Kenzo, Leo Studio, Lola Cruz, Michael Kors, Miista, Minna Parikka, Nando Muzi, New Balance, Pakerson, Pollini, Renzi, Suecomma Bonnie - and this is not the whole list of brands that Mania Grandiosa introduces to the Northern capital. During the years of dynamic development, this company has opened more than 23 shops of various shoe formats and price ranges that corresponds to needs and tastes of different customers. Company is an owner of mono-brand shops of Italian shoes MG by Mania Grandiosa with a lower prices level and constant quality shoes and accessories. In «Mania Shoes» there are presented well-known brands and gaining popularity brands with topical design and democratic prices. Every season, a mix of brands is replenished with the most topical names of the fashion world. The palette of trends "Mania Shoes" combines flashy pop art, outrageous futurism, thought-out casual, non-trivial classics, functional sport-chic and eclectic glam-rock.


Baldinini is one of the oldest Italian factories for the production of women's and men's shoes. The brand was founded in 1910 in the city of San Mauru, at first it was a small workshop, which later turned into a whole fashionable empire.
The brand with a hundred-year history is still the legislator of shoe fashion, the number of innovations that thanks to the Baldinini family have become universally applicable in the process of developing and manufacturing quality footwear has long been out of the question. One of them - the legendary moccasins Baldinini - a kind of brand trend, which made it popular throughout the world. Baldinini footwear is a recognized standard of comfort, which is provided with unprecedented attention to the anatomical features of a person and their consideration at all stages of model development - which is also one of the most important advantages of the brand.

Holding «ReCa»

The restaurants of the holding company «ReCa» carry a unifying principle - the desire to make sure that everyone is equally comfortable with them, regardless of their social status, level of material security and other differences. The most diverse people easily fit into the general spirit and style of the institution. «ReCa» has been operating in St. Petersburg since 2009 and currently includes such restaurant chains as «Craft Brew Café», «Manneken Pis» and «Münhell» brewery. On the Nevsky Prospect "ReCa" manages nostalgic projects united by the Soviet theme: "The Apartment" and "Summer Residents", the wine bar "Crazy Wine" is located on Rubinsteina Street, the main restaurant street of St. Petersburg. "Crazy wine" - an ideal place for connoisseurs of good wine, where you can enjoy your favorite varieties and discover new ones. Eclectic interior creates an easy and slightly crazy mood, which corresponds to the name of the institution.
The recent summer opening of the restaurant holding Wine bar & kitchen VINOVNIKI - a joint project of ReCa and the wine company Simple - the leading player in the Russian wine market, located in the very center of St. Petersburg on Vosstanya Street.
Geolocation of the holding's restaurants covers all areas of St. Petersburg, thus giving its guests the opportunity to choose the most convenient restaurant to visit.

Mucos Pharma
Mucos Pharma (brand Wobenzym)

«Mucos Pharma» is a global leader and innovator in the production of enzyme drugs (Wobenzym; Phlogenzym, Wobe-Mugos E). Today «Mucos Pharma» rank a dominant position in the world in production of systemic enzyme therapy drugs. The commercial success of products especially clearly is show in the last 20 years. The company has created a network of subsidiary trading companies, joint ventures and representative offices engaged in commercial and research activities on a unified scientific and marketing strategy – MUCOS Group - in 24 countries all over the world. During 18 years were carried out a lot of procedures together with the top scientists and leading research institutes of Russian Federation, prepared and published a lot of books, monographs, practical manuals of systemic enzyme therapy.


Antiquarian project is organized with the support of administration of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in cooperation with the Association of Antiques of St. Petersburg and collectors Society of St. Petersburg. Exhibitions of the brand «Kollekczioner» traditionally bring together participants from all over the world. Among them is the oldest antique salons of St. Petersburg, and famous collectors with private collections. The exhibitions present ancient furniture, porcelain, lamps, sculptures, jewelry, antiquarian books, modern collector editions and art books, prints, stamps, postcards, plates, coins and paper money of all continents, ancient weapons, icons, tin miniature items of the old life and so on.

"Author's tricks"

"Author's tricks" is a fair of handmade creativity, where you will find a sea of inspiration and mountains of stunning things. "Author's tricks" - this is the largest fair in the north-western region. Quilling, felting, embroidery, painting of ceramic and wooden products, decoupage, beadwork, work with polymer clay, knitting - at the fair "Author's pieces" masters of various directions put up for sale their works and organize creative master classes.

Мега Авто
Mega Auto

Holding «Mega Auto» is a company operating in a car market of the Russian Federation in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Volgograd, Kaluga, Petrozavodsk. Holding Mega Auto was founded in 1993. The company's strategy based on creation of better conditions for purchase and maintenance of motor cars for private and corporate clients for over 18 years. The group of companies «Mega Auto» in St. Petersburg includes such dealerships as «Audi Center Petrogradsky», «Autostadt», «Vostok Auto», «Galant Auto», «Autopoint», «Omega Premium».

Ауди Центр Петроградский
Audi Center Petrogradsky
Official Audi dealer.

«Audi Center Petrogradsky» is a part of the holding Mega Auto. Car center Rus Auto has been successfully operating for over 10 years. «Audi Centre Petrogradsky» was opened in the anniversary year. It was a new store with the largest showroom in Eastern Europe and Russia. Rus Auto is the first official Audi dealer in St. Petersburg and North-West Russia. «Audi Centre Petrogradsky» continues a long and rich history of Rus Auto, adopting all the best with a new name and in a new building.

Omega Premium
Official Jaguar Land Rover dealer.

«Omega Premium» is an official Jaguar Land Rover dealer in St. Petersburg, part of the holding Mega Auto, was founded in 2007. «Omega Premium» - is the biggest car center in the North-West region that completely meets the standards of these exclusive brands. «Omega Premium» has set high standards of customer service that allowed to take a significant share of the market in St. Petersburg and North-West region, from the first day of this car center’s appearance. Here you can find a wide choice of cars, quality work on maintenance of vehicles, quality service and friendly atmosphere. All employees are regularly trained in the agency of Jaguar Land Rover Russia.

Official Mazda dealer.

«Autopoint» is a part of the holding Mega Auto. You will be able to get acquainted with all models of cars that the company offers to its customers in car centers located in St.Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Volgograd and Kaluga. Also, you can buy a car at competitive prices and in the shortest possible time, here you’ll find a full range of spare parts and vote excellent warranty.

Vostok Auto
Official Hyundai dealer.

«Vostok Auto» is a part of the holding Mega Auto and chain of dealerships that are engaged in the sale and servicing of Hyundai cars. The first official dealership «Vostok Auto» was opened in November 1997 and in August 2011 was made big reconstruction. Car center offers the entire range of Hyundai cars and a full range of sales and service in accordance with producer's standards.

Galant Auto
Official Mitsubishi dealer.

«Galant Auto» is a part of the holding Mega Auto. «Galant Auto» operates in a car market of St. Petersburg since 2004. Currently it has three showrooms and confidently occupies a leading position among dealers and enjoys good reputation among customers. «Galant Auto» offers a full range of services of sale and servicing of Mitsubishi cars in accordance with the producer's standards. Employees of the Company had been trained at a special program on the basis of «ROLF Import» (the official Mitsubishi Motors distributor in Russia).

Official Volkswagen dealer.

«Autostadt» is a part of the holding Mega Auto as an expert of sales and service of Volkswagen. It ready to provide you all conditions for comfortable purchase. Experienced consultants who have been trained under the producer's program will help you sort out the variety of options and make the correct choice.

Ауди Центр Петроградский
Audi Center Petersburg

«Audi Center Petersburg» – official dealer of Audi cars. Modern and technologically advanced auto center is built according to the latest architectural standards. Maintenance of cars Audi in the auto center has become familiar to those who live and work in the southern part of the city of St. Petersburg. For 10 years company has acquired a lot of regular customers, today more than 20 000 owners of Audi cars prefer to visit «Audi Center St. Petersburg».

Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga

СConstruction corporation «Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga» is one of the market leaders in luxury housing in St. Petersburg. All housing estates of corporation relating to the premium class and developed in compliance with relevant demands of exacting clients: status, exclusivity, comfort and maximum safety. Corporation has successfully completed for 40 projects in the most prestigious locations in the historic city center. Today corporation «Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga» is one of the largest investment and construction companies in Russia.

Роддом на Фурштатской
Roddom na Furshtatskoi

Perinatal center «Roddom na Furshtatskoi» is a multi - profile medical institution where you can get professional assistance at the stage of planning of pregnancy and until the full age of your child. In the maternity hospital, there is everything to the mother and new born feel secure and comfortable. The hospital is located in a fully restored building in the center of the city. Comfortable wards don’t resemble a hospital and conform to all European professional requirements. High-tech delivery rooms, intensive care unit, operating, modern equipment of the hospital and the full range of specialists allows to cope with any problems.

Новая Скандинавия
Novaya Scandinaviya

«Novaya Scandinavya» is the first European level quarter in St. Petersburg, located on the banks of the Lower high Lake Suzdal. Quarter «Novaya Scandinavya» is an unique representative of the luxury housing in St. Petersburg which combines practically incompatible things: the charm of country living and proximity to historic city center. Luxury accommodation in this quarter meets the requirements of the most exacting customers. Here you will find a favorable environment, infrastructure, transport access, landscaped area, multilevel parking, residence of the same social stratum, safety.

Ауди Центр Петроградский

«Grossmeister» is a new residential complex of premium class in St. Petersburg. The location of residential complex is truly unique: in the quiet center, in close proximity to the business and administrative center of the city. «Grossmeister» is the perfect place for people who have already achieved and continue to set ambitious goals.
Residential complex «Grossmeisterr» is being constructed in the surroundings of lyceums, gymnasiums, art schools which are world-famous. «Grossmeister» – is the first premium object of residential construction in Russia which has already received golden certificate of "green building" according to standards of LEED.

сеть мебельный салонов Галерея

«Gallery» is the largest chain of italian furniture showrooms that offers collections of furniture and accessories from the best manufactures in Italy. For over 10 years, the company is the leader in the furniture market in Russia. The success of the company is directly related to years of careful work in the selection of partners - today it is not only the leading factories of worldwide furniture association - concern GIMO, but also such well-known manufacturers in Italy like Angello Capellini, Savio Fermino, Medea, Bacci Style, A.R. Arredamenti, Zanaboni. Chain of italian furniture showrooms «Gallery» offers to the customers the best of the best: famous collections of interiors and latest exclusive new items that have received worldwide recognition.

Gallery Apriori
Gallery Apriori

Fashion «Gallery Apriori» situated on Bolshoy pr. of Petrograd Side gathered not only well known in St. Petersburg but new non-trivial brands of clothing, shoes and accessories. It has become much easier to ouch the world of high fashion. It doesn’t necessarily fly to Paris, London or New York now.

Гармония Мебель
Garmonia Mebel

The company «Garmonia Mebel» is engaged in development, production and sale furniture for kitchen. Today company offer a unique, stylish, original and high quality furniture for kitchen, taking into account any wishes of the customer with different price categories. The company works professionally and with love.


«Ocania» - is one of the largest suppliers of Italian furniture in St. Petersburg. Working on the market since 1993, it represents the latest trends in European design furniture in its showrooms. «Ocania» is not just furniture, but it is an opportunity for arranging your living space.

Optics Gallery
Optics Gallery

«Optics Gallery» - is a salon of designer optics. There you can find models of sunglasses of premium class, magnificent accessories made in the best factories under the control of the legendary Fashion Houses. In the sparkling showcases you can find all the latest models of sunglasses, descended from the pages of glossy magazines and various designer frames.

Fitness House
Fitness House

«Fitness House» is a chain of sports clubs, appointed with modern equipment which are well suited for professionals and beginners. «Fitness House» sports clubs provides active rest and pleasure of fitness and aerobics, wide choice of wellness programs to strengthen the body and create the perfect shape. «Fitness House» has established itself in the market of fitness services of St. Petersburg with a practice of an individual approach to each client and well prices. More than 130,000 customers is a great evidence of this.


«Tauras-Fitness» is the largest and most modern sports and recreation center in St. Petersburg and in whole Russia. It’s 16 000 sqm of health and beauty. Fitness center includes: swimming pool (25 m), children's pool (12 m), an unique SPA-complex and multi-disciplinary medical center Tauras Med. The total project area is 2000 sq.m.


«Olymp» – is a chain of sports centers with high quality service, the best of equipment, qualified trainers and continuous improvement programs in the field of sports and fitness. «Olymp» is the winner of the All-Russian award «TOP Fitness 2011» and «TOP Fitness 2012», also is winner in the «Best Sports Chain» in the contest «Made in Saint-Petersburg» 2010.

Alex Fitness
Alex Fitness

There is 51 «Alex Fitness» sport club in Russia. It is modern clubs with spacious rooms for training in groups, advanced equipment for personal training, with boxing rings, comfortable locker rooms, attentive and high skilled staff. «The brightest fitness!» - it's a slogan and easily recognizable style at the same time. Its full of light, bright colors and space for an active life. «Alex Fitness» - it's a decent standard for a good price.

Sculptors group
Sculptors group

Sculptors group is 9 fitness clubs with a total area of ​​35 000 square meters, conveniently located in different districts of St. Petersburg. These are unique interior solutions, innovative equipment from leading manufacturers and experienced professional instructors. Today 27,000 people are engaged in sports at Sculptors fitness clubs.
In the fitness clubs of the network there is a wide range of sports disciplines for children - swimming, martial arts, children's gymnastics, dances and much more. Professional trainers conduct classes with experience of working with children of any age.
Fitness clubs "Sculptors" are sports clubs for successful people who know how to appreciate care, comfort, respect and professionalism.

Flying ship

The musical "The Flying ship" is a musical and very funny fairy tale for adults, staged by one of the best directors in Russia - Yegor Druzhinin. At the core of the idea lies the beloved cartoon of the same name. Thanks to the fact that the authors supplemented the plot, created cool arrangements, came up with incredible scenery and costumes, a wonderful story turned out, where toadies, mermaids, princes, guards and Man-Pie were added to favorite characters. Grandmothers-Yozhka sing rock'n'roll, and Water performs French jazz.


Chain of restaurants serving Japanese and Italian cuisine. Group of companies «Wasabi» was formed in 2003 year – exactly then the first Japanese restaurant was opened on 5 Medikov prospect. Besides the openings of new restaurants, the group of companies «Wasabi», who always distinguished by his ability to feel the situation, considering tastes and needs of guests, constantly updates range of dishes of both Japanese and Italian cuisine. Currently, the group of companies includes restaurants located in Saint Petersburg, Cherepovets, Pskov, Velikiy Novgorod and Kostroma.