Our Agency is working with mass media listed below:

Broadcasting media
Реклама на телевидении - рекламное агентство Медиа-Лайф

We will select for your company the most appropriate broadcasting media, if it is necessary produce film advertisement, radio clips or thematic program for target audience interested in promoting product or service.

We have long-term partnership relations with all main television channels and radio stations. It allows us to provide you with the most beneficial conditions and optimization of a budget. Our experts recommend you the most effective volume of advertising, calculate an optimal time period, and draw up a necessary budget for advertising. If necessary we can help to create video and audio, or thematic program.

Benefits of the television commercials.

The widest range of audience in comparison with other mass media. TV commercial is the most economically profitable advertising medium.

It is well known that 80% of information is perceived through the eyes. Television advertising is giving an opportunity to increase memorability significantly by perceiving through both eyes and ears in the same time.

Реклама на радио- рекламное агентство Медиа-Лайф Benefits of the radio commercials.

The radio is an important part of our everyday life and one of the most popular mass media. We listen to it while we are at home or at work, while we are having rest in the countryside or driving in our cars. Frequently it just makes a background noise and we don’t listen to it attentively. Though it affects our consciousness and after the fifth, or the sixth repeat of a firms name, contact information, characteristic of an advertised good or service, and this information keeps in our memory.

Размещение наружной рекламы в спб- рекламное агентство Медиа-Лайф
Outdoor and subway advertising

A full range of outdoor advertising in Saint Petersburg and throughout the Russia (poster panels 6x3, super boards, city format, pillars, etc.) and on light-emitting diode displays.

Also we are ready to provide subway advertisement: on stations (light boxes on balustrade, light posters, light panels), in coaches and audio commercial.

Selection of the optimal place for advertising with taking in consideration all the factors – from the advertising budget up to the specificity of goods and services. While offering the richest range of choice of advertising medium with different specificities, this type of advertising medium is not only oriented to solution of public image tasks of trademark (by wide scaled creative images) and perform information functions (concert and exhibition advertisements, and other advertisements of entertainments), but also to stimulation of selling (information about discounts, sales, seasonal special offers, etc.)

Реклама в печатных СМИ - рекламное агентство Медиа-Лайф
Advertising in print media

We provide advertising in various print media – newspapers and magazines as in St-Petersburg and in all federal issues.

Thanks to the long-term experience in working with major mass media we have not only advantageous and exclusive terms of placing but also additional editorial opportunities and privileges. Depending on the purpose of your advertising we pick an edition, define necessary volume and intensity of advertising, and provide you with the most beneficial conditions of placement. Today advertising in print media is one of the most accessible and effective type of advertising support.

Integrated PR-support

Effective symbiosis of the different methods of promotion. It includes elements of classical PR (media relations (interaction with the media)), promotion of communication platforms and social networks, development and implementation of non-standard on-line and off-line events.

Our Company offers services for the creation and management of the system of internal and external communications.

External PR includes the following actions:

Making of PR-campaigns which are directed on building a positive image of the company (training of social projects, sponsorships for charitable events) and also providing audit of communication activities of the company.

We offer companies to use our resources for solving wide range of objectives in PR support, namely we provide agency's operations in a format of the external press-service of the company, selection of a pool of actual mass media, creation of the newsbreaks, spread of the information about the company. Also our company are ready to provide making of interviews and photo-shoots, press events, preparation of PR-materials and organization of promotion in blogs, forums and social networks, preparing speeches for public performances, feature articles, congratulations, booklets (copywriting), design and creation multimedia presentations, commercials, films, making of promotional gifts, printed products, as well as the mailing of promotional materials, etc. Our team of specialists has great experience in creation wide range of unique multimedia: design and development of multimedia presentations, commercials and movies.

Internal PR includes the following actions:

Organization and conducting of events for employees (anniversaries, children's parties, corporate parties). Our team of professionals are ready to offer development of a concept, preparation and coordination of intra-corporate information publications (newspapers, magazines, handbills), provide information support for annual meetings of shareholders, realize formation and development of an effective system of employees awareness, consolidation of the corporate image and business reputation of bosses among the employees.

Established contacts with the media, correctly understanding of the target audience, creative and analytical abilities – all this corresponds to modern requirements of leading Russian and foreign companies.